Abbreviation Event Location
BIO_INF Bioinformatics Colloquium  Room 277, Goldschmidtstr. 1
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GZMB-Kolloquium Mikrobiologie/Strukturbiologie

Institut für Mikrobiologie und Genetik, HS MN06, Grisebachstr. 8
Date Speaker Title
21.04 Prof. Dr. Erhard Bremer,
Philipps-Universität Marburg
The big fight: systems-wide stress responses of a soil bacterium to osmotic challenges
05.05. Prof. Dr. Nigel Minton,
The University of Nottingham / U.K.
Genomics and genetic accessibility of clostridial production strains
19.05. Prof. Dr. Jozef Anné,
KU Leuven / Belgium,
Protein secretion biotechnology with special emphasis on Streptomyces
02.06. Dr. Christian Kost,
MPI Chemische Ökologie, Jena
Less is more: Gene loss drives the formation of intercellular bacterial networks
09.06. Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwarz,
Friedrich-Löffler-Institut, Mariensee
Resistence/multiresistence to antibiotics in bacterial pathogens
16.06. Prof. Dr. Han Wösten,
Utrecht University / The Netherlands
Heterogeneity in fungi: from the colony to the single cell level
26.06. Prof. Dr. Barry Scott,
Massey University / New Zealand
A conserved regulatory network for fungal sexual development and fungal-plant symbiosi
07.07. Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Maurer,
AB Enzymes GmbH, Darmstadt
Microbial production strains in the industry
14.07. Dr. Gregor Witte,
Gene Center, LMU München
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