Abbreviation Event Location
BIO_INF Bioinformatics Colloquium  Room 277, Goldschmidtstr. 1
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GZMB-Kolloquium Mikrobiologie/Strukturbiologie

Institut für Mikrobiologie und Genetik, HS MN06, Grisebachstr. 8
Date Speaker Title
12.04 Prof. Dr. Jörn Kalinowski,
Center Biotechnol., Universität Bielefeld
Lost in transcription? Transcriptome sequencing of actinobacteria to decipher transcriptional regulatory networks
26.04. Prof. Dr. Helge Bode,
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Natural products from insect killers: from chemical ecology to synthetic biology
10.05. Prof. Dr. Karl Kuchler,
Medical University Wien / Österreich,
Inflammatory response to fungal infections - How friends can turns into foes
24.05. Dr. Francesco Renzi,
University of Nature / Belgien
Beware of the dog! Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a human pathogen relying on host glycans
31.05. Prof. Dr. Birgit Piechulla,
Universität Rostock
Biochemistry and function of volatile secondary metabolites of microorganisms
07.06. Prof. Dr. Stefan Klumpp,
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Genes, machines, populations - Theoretical perspectives on bacterial growth
05.07. Dr. Anna Gorbushina,
FB Geowissenschaften, FU Berlin
To be anounced
19.07. Dr. Martin Mühling,
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
To be anounced